The Engineering Hub of India

With another academic session coming to its end, the students yet again have to face the age old question of what vocation to choose, and from where. And once again, engineering from Delhi colleges ranks highest among the given answers. It is always a wise idea to explore all available options. So, let us find out more about the engineering colleges in Delhi.

Overview The capital city is an urban agglomeration of substantial standards when it comes to fundamentals of society, such as information technology, infrastructure, power and telecommunication. Thus, there is every valid reason to find the best engineering colleges here. Engineering aspirants, however, need to narrow down the specialty they wish to follow in the future. These sub-fields of engineering can vary from civil to electrical engineering and from applied to software solutions.

Not only telecommunication based courses dealing with varied principles, Delhi engineering institutes also offer a number of other domains that may meet the requirement and affinity of the student. Engineering colleges in Delhi open up a bevy of fresh opportunities for engineering students, providing them with an array of potential job prospects.

Assortment in Specialty Some of the highly chosen engineering courses are electronics and communication engineering, computer science, civil or environment engineering, biotechnology, chemical engineering, and mechanical engineering. Civil engineering– This is a professional engineering discipline that deals with the construction, design and preservation of the physically created environment, such as projects like bridges, roads, canals, buildings and dams. Civil engineering is usually divided into several sub-categories, like environmental engineering, geophysics, geotechnical engineering, geodesy, structural engineering, control engineering, biomechanics, earth science, forensic engineering, atmospheric sciences, and construction engineering.

Biotechnology –The utilization of living systems & organisms to create beneficial yields using biological systems, existing organisms is the purpose of biotechnology. This discipline of engineering includes varied sciences like genomics, applied immunology, pharmaceutical therapy development, diagnostic tests and gene technologies. The Top Colleges The IITs, NITs and IIITs are said to be among the best engineering colleges. Netaji Subhas Institute of Technology and IIT-Delhi are also accredited engineering institutes in Delhi. JamiaMiliaIslamia’s Faculty of Engineering and Technology is also renowned for its highly regarded engineering courses.

The following are some of the esteemed state universities and affiliated colleges: Delhi Technological University (formerly called Delhi College of Engineering / DCE)Amity Institute of Engineering and Technology Maharaja Arisen Institute of Technology Maharaja Sajama Institute of Technology Guru TeghBahadur Institute of Technology Delhi Technological University –This respectable engineering college is as old as 65 years, and has been offering technical learning in a contemporary educational settingthroughhighly learned faculty.

 This institute has been constantly updating itsapproachesto engineering & architecture in the country. DCE offers the most contemporary educational facilities while holding on to traditional culture values. There are undergraduate as well as post graduate programmers being offered in this college, apart from Ph. D courses. Bachelors of Engineering, Bachelors of Technology, Master of Engineering, Master of Science are the courses offered here. There is also a provision for scholarship. Amity Institute of Engineering and Technology – A part of Amity University, thiscollegeallocates its engineering courses under the following departments –Computer Science & Engineering, Applied Sciences, Information Technology, Electronics & Electrical Engineering, Electronics & Communication Engineering, Civil Engineering and Mechanical & Automation Engineering.

The institute is located in Delhi NCR region and flaunts 220 staff members, 100 support employees and more than 4500 students. The infrastructure includes 118 completely equipped labs. SET provides over thirty-eight engineering courses with seven being the B. TechProgrammes, four Beach + MBA Dual Degree Programmed, one Beach + Tchula Degree Program, and twenty-six M. TechProgrammes. The college also has Ph. Deprogrammers in ever subject.

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