Online vs. On-Campus Education

Online vs. on-campus education. Ah, the age-old debate. In an online survey of 500 people aged 13 and above, 58% of which were male and 42 % female were asked what they thought about online education and if they preferred traditional on-campus education to its online counterpart. Following is the graph giving details of the demographics of the people who had taken the survey.

Online education or on-campus education?

Which is preferable and why?

Each with reasons, pros and cons, why top’s and why not top’s. In a world where everyone is scramming to get to the top in, what can only be described as the mad rat race, it’s time to think about one thing: why do people choose to study online after all?  What helps them make this decision of taking up an online degree and is it really possible to have real-world success with an online degree? Survey results showed that only 18 percent of the people polled said they preferred online education to on-campus education- an interesting statistic if you think of it because that means a whopping 82 percent still prefer old school, traditional on-campus education.

 Are people still reluctant to embrace online education?

Maybe. But why do you think that is? Which is more affordable?62 percent people said they felt online education was a lot more affordable than a standard on-campus education. One of the reasons for that is that there are several costs you needn’t worry about when attending an online program. Living and commuting expenses, for instance. Online students have an advantage of not having to worry about living, commuting or additional expenses such as lab fees, equipment fees etc. In fact, most online schools make provisions for students to have all the help they need in the form of study materials, eBooks and 24/7 assistance.

A question of convenience Speaking about convenience, 72 percent actually felt that on-campus education was more convenient than online education. Admittedly, online education requires a certain level of self-motivation and discipline which is why the ball is more in your court than anywhere else. Before making up your mind about online education it’s important to know whether you have what it takes to be true to your program and see it through.

Why would you study online? Online education is one of the best ways to upskill. Today, it doesn’t come as a surprise that people these days are trying to acquire valuable skills that can help further their careers without having to compromise on other commitments. Some people are looking to work and earn money at the same time.

While there are people who are trying to develop their skill-set, there are others who think it’s time to make a career-switch and start anew. Then their people like stay-at-home moms and military spouses who would like to contribute to the household income without having to leave the home. If you think about it, there are several reasons why people would like to take on online education.

It gets better…It’s time to face facts. According to the survey, people lack confidence in online programs. But the truth remains online education has made it possible for people from nearly every walk of life to explore career options above and beyond their expectations. People needn’t feel restricted by their responsibilities and commitments.

Ivy League schools like Harvard University offer blended online and on-campus courses and a number of online professional certificates for those who’d like to further their skills. Yale offers summer courses to those who can’t attend full-time residential programs. People who’d like to be able to work from home can actually enjoy lucrative careers by getting online vocational career training through institutes like Career Step.

In fact, education doesn’t even have to cost a thing! U Penn’s Wharton School is now offering four first-year MBA courses through Coursera, where you can find a variety of other courses from some of the most well-known schools in the country.

So after everything is said and done, in this constant debate between online and on-campus education, which would you choose and why?

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