How to create a home study?

How to create a home study Like us, rooms can get tired, and just as we treat ourselves to a new hairstyle to ring the changes, a room could do with a freshen up every now and then. To make working from home or even just sorting out the household bills less of a chore and more of a pleasure, why not give the home study area a makeover? A corner or a whole room Whether the home study area is just a corner of the living room or a dedicated room, it can be easy to forget that it needs to look as good as the rest of the home.

Sometimes all that is needed to give the study a new look is just a fresh coat of paint, but there are other changes, such as repositioning furniture or buying new pieces, that can breathe new life into the work area. Your space, your style One thing to remember about a home study is that it is a part of the home. Now, this seems a pretty obvious statement to make, but whereas a work office that is shared by a team of people has to appeal to all, a home study can be used to demonstrate an owner’s personality just as much as the bedroom or kitchen.

There is no need to stick to plain or bland institutional colors on the wall. Jazz up the workspace with some eye-catching statement wallpaper, or use more than one color on the wall to provide an interesting contrast. Stencil on the wall a motivating quotation, or hang paintings by a favorite artist, or posters of much-loved movies.

It is worth remembering though, that there are certain colors that work best for a workspace. For example, blue is a particularly good color for a home study, as it is said to inspire creativity but is also calming, whereas red would be a poor choice, as it can heighten emotions, such as anger and frustration.

Furnishing the home study, it is necessary to determine what the study will be used for before settling on the type of furniture to buy. For example, if it is only going to be used to pay the odd bill or occasionally surf the internet, the desk area may not need to be as large as if it was going to be used every day by a home worker or a teenager doing their homework. Making the furniture functional as well as attractive is key. One thing that will undoubtedly be required however small or large the space is storage. A desk with inbuilt drawers or shelving makes a good choice for all types of workspaces, and there is plenty of really lovely furniture that combines all three. Some even have doors on shelving areas to tidy the area when it is not in use, a big bonus in a home.

A comfortable chair that encourages good posture is a necessity, especially if long hours are going to be spent at the desk. Good lighting is another essential, especially if the desk area is located in a space that does not receive good natural light, such as under the stairs.

Making the space special home study offers plenty of opportunities to make it unique. Upcycling, a very popular trend, is especially useful here. Have lots of pens and pencils lying around? Repurpose some empty jars or tins to make unusual and original pen pots.

Need a notice board? Then hang up an old shutter on the wall, as the slats make handy places to put pieces of paper. Use storage boxes to keep the work area tidy, but to make them more individual, use paints or stencil, or even decoupage.

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