A guaranteed way to grow your business

 Flickr user DigitoxinPicture this. You’re in this dance studio—mirrors are everywhere and the air seems sticky. You’re wearing some combination of a tank top with a sports bra and the first skirt you pulled from your closet. As the beautiful teacher walks in (dressed to the nines with long legs that stretch on forever), your stomach drops ever farther.

You start cursing the day you agreed to join your friend at her salsa dance class. You feel more uncomfortable about the whole situation than you have about anything in the longest time. Then the teacher starts to lead you through some warm up exercises. The exercises are a bit complicated, so you really have to work to keep up.

You have to work with a partner, a complete stranger to you, and you’re really nervous. At some point during the class, your brain turns off and your body takes over. You feel your way through the movements and are no longer thinking about how you’re the only person in the room that is new. By the end of the class, you’re exhausted and exhilarated.

You think to yourself, “Wow, I can’t believe how scared I was at the beginning. This totally rocks, and I want to come back next week! “As you get home from the dance class and head to the computer, you read a request from a friend to speak for a local networking group about your experience starting your own consulting company. Now, you’ve gotten these requests before and always turn them down. You think, “I don’t know what I would talk about” or “I’m not a public speaker.”

Tonight is different. You’re still riding high on that energy from trying that new salsa class. A voice inside of you says, “You can do this. “So you reply to your friend that you’d love to speak at the event, and have several ideas on how to engage the audience with your presentation.

Just like that, your business has a new opportunity to spread its message and help people; all due to that little voice inside of you that urged you to “try the damn salsa class, already. “Now, I’m not saying that you should run out tomorrow and sign up for the first salsa class you can find.

What I do want to highlight is how our businesses can expand when we, as business owners, continually push our own boundaries. Oftentimes, the biggest thing that stands in the way of dreaming bigger and not playing small with our businesses is ourselves.

Taking risks helps you to get over your hang-ups, and start living the life that is waiting for you. Your business will thank you. What risks are you going to take this month?

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